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Finding a man who has never been to the doctor’s is not an easy task, unless he lives in a desert, of course. Sooner or later we come across a health problem and then knock on a hospital’s door. Stress, anxiety, panic – these are the gifts we receive from speeding the pace of life, and then the necessity of taking medication come to play. Modern medicine offers a wide range of aid to stop anxiety disorder and Klonopin is surely worth mentioning about.
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  • Every pill should be taken along with a full glass of water;
  • Chewing the pill is not recommended, swallow it whole;
  • If you take Klonopin Wafers, soluble in water, there is no necessity in a glass of water. Make sure your hands are dry and clean. Unwrap the packing; put the pill on your tongue. You should take it as soon as you’ve taken it out of the packing. The pill is quick to melt in your mouth and it will be easy to swallow without any water;
  • Take Klonopin regularly to get best effect;
  • Consult your doctor immediately if you’re observing any side effects;
  • Keep this medication in dry and cool place with room temperature.